Fundació Miró

The library

The library specializes in contemporary art and, specifically, on Joan Miró, his work, and his cultural context. It is open to the public and has a specific area on our website. It holds over 17,000 documents, including monographic studies, exhibition catalogs, audiovisual and multimedia materials, and Spanish and international magazines.

The collection continues to grow through purchases, donations, in-house publications, and exchanges with other libraries.


The library is located in the central area of the first floor in the Moneo building. The collection is distributed in three levels.

Access to the library is free and open to the public during the following hours:

• Tuesday - Friday, 9 am to 2 pm.
• Monday mornings by appointment.
• Reference room with 20 reading stations, 1 computer access station and 1 audio/video viewing station for DVD, VHS, CD and audio cassette formats.
• Open access library, classified by subjects and UDC.
• Access to the Joan Miró archives and document collection, for accredited researchers only.
• Copy service and Internet access.
• Wi-Fi area.
Catalog Access:
• TINLIB catalog reference on site.
• In progress: joining an comprehensive bibliographic catalog for the Balearic Islands (Catàleg bibliogràfic col•lectiu de les Illes Balears, CABIB).
• Document archives for reference only in the library through an Access database.


• Library of 20th century art books and catalogs.
• Library about Joan Miró and his cultural context.
• Joan Miró document archive.
• Contemporary art magazines.
• Children’s library.



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