Fundació Miró


In the recent years, the Foundation has opened its workshops of engraving, lithography, silkscreen, ceramics and digital printing to young artists who want to develop their projects independently. The workshops are equipped with an infrastructure and adequate machinery to carry out test work, printing and editing. There are some rental rates and booking space, and technical staff providing all the information necessary for its proper use and exploitation.

The goal that has marked all these years of continuous work is none other than to strike a balance between memory and innovation; it encourage respect for traditional graphic arts techniques and the most intense desire for contemporaneity, as did Joan Miró in his creative process. The task of the workshops of the Foundation was recognized in 2001 with the National Graphic Arts Prize awarded by the National Engraving.

In addition to the workshops, the Foundation has exhibition halls for temporary collection and the work produced in the workshops, an auditorium and a library specializing in contemporary art.


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