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 ”Printmaking has been a major medium of expression for me,” Miró told me. “It has given me a space for liberation, for expansion, for discovery. However, at the beginning I was prisoner to its limitations, to its rules, its tools and recipes that were too dependant on tradition. I had to resist, overcome them, and then a vast realm of possibilities lay ahead, in view and on hand... I gradually managed to overcome despotism. I can use an awl or a burin, but also my fingers, my hands, a nail or an old screwdriver. I also managed to break loose from using conventional paper, and started printing proofs on the strangest papers you could imagine.1

  This website about Joan Miró and his printwork strives to make one of the artist’s most noteworthy interests known to a broad public.

    We provide information about Miró’s biography in an article that attempts to illustrate the artist’s career in the field of printmaking as well as his personal conception of this medium. Joan Miró’s interest in printwork began late compared to the other disciplines he embraced. Nonetheless, his production comprises thousands of prints and over a hundred illustrated books, achieving technical mastery thanks to the invaluable collaboration of important printmakers who actively participated in developing his oeuvre, working as a team in which the exchange of suggestions, experiences, and reactions constituted an integral part of the final outcome.

   This website also offers selected printwork from the collection held at the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró a Mallorca, including original designs, plates, etc. used in a variety of projects and that are helpful in illustrating their creative process.

  In addition, for those unfamiliar with printmaking methods, we have included a section on printmaking techniques and a glossary.
   Lastly, a selected bibliography is available providing information on the most noteworthy titles related to Miró’s printwork, as well as a list of links leading to other relevant websites.

1 Quoted by J. Dupin in the introduction to Miró Grabador I. Barcelona: Polígrafa, 1987, p.7.